The Futsal Shadows

Great thoughts on footy development from Jonathan Townsend (who writes with These Football Times)

Far Post Footy

The Futsal Shadows

By: Jon Townsend


Football has and will always be a game of contrasting styles, evolving philosophies of play and trendy paradigms that captivate the world only to be emulated, bastardized, found out, and written off as obsolete. There was a day when direct, Route One football was all the rage (for some, it’s still the default style). We’ve seen the magic oftotaalvoetbal, the efficiency of gegenpressing, the security of catenaccio, the flair of tiki taka, and the blunt effectiveness of what some have come to call anti-football, or more popularly, “parking the bus”.

I’ve always contended that styles and systems of play don’t expire – players do. Football, being the organic and evolutionary sport that it is, is often judged by enigmatic teams who ride a system’s success until it’s found out. But, something else is at play that might yet shed some light as to why some teams…

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