A Walmart is Not a War Zone: Photos From The Journey For John Crawford

Thank you Virally Suppressed for this writeup and Ohio Student Association for holding AG Dewine accountable. No indictment, no peace.

Virally Suppressed - Muckraking For The Modern World

On Monday, September 22nd, more than 100 men and women set off from a Walmart in  Beavercreek, Ohio–a predominantly white suburb of Dayton–and walked 11 miles to the Greene County Courthouse in Xenia, OH. On August 5th, a 22 year old black man named John Crawford was gunned down and killed by white police officers at that Beavercreek Walmart for the crime of holding an unloaded BB gun in the store’s toy aisle. Protesters and concerned citizens honored the life of John Crawford and called for the release of the surveillance tapes that are being held by Ohio attorney general Mike Dewine so that the truth of this young man’s murder can see the light of day. The march, which was led by the Ohio Student Association, a progressive youth organizing group based out of Columbus, was conducted today to coincide with the convening of a grand jury at…

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