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Drill, Baby, Drill

Followed by carcinoma, baby, carcinoma? (so not catchy!) While Gulf health issues are preliminary, and may not yet be a proven phenomenon, I think that common sense would dictate that using lots of toxic dispersant would have public health ramifications. … Continue reading

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Whither is the John McCain of yesteryear?

Seriously though, my friends. “I said, ‘Fooling around with a bill concerning New York,’ ” Mr. McCain said. “The majority leader keep bringing up that and other pieces of legislation for votes which don’t get enough votes. So for the … Continue reading

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I’m 2012 in 2010, which makes this a time machine, not just any Benz

our employment situation… fun note: for all racial populations to reach white pre-recession employment rates, we would need to create about 14 million jobs Given a recent series of events, I’m starting to feel there’s serious evidence that national Republicans, … Continue reading

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