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Tucson massacre will not receive justice

Having watched Jared Lee Loughner’s nonsensical youtube videos, and read an interview with one time friend Bryce Tierney on Mother Jones (props to Kevin R. for posting it to Facebook), I’ve resigned myself to the awful reality of it all. … Continue reading

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Frum- worried about pot in Tucson?

“After horrific shootings, we hear calls for stricter regulation of guns. The Tucson shooting should remind us why we regulate marijuana.” “Among the things we should be discussing in the aftermath of this horror is the accumulating evidence of those … Continue reading

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[relationship?] violent resistance + violent rhetoric

While we should not use the least common denominator to judge images [see above] against the massacre of Tucson, it merits a simple condemnation for the use of violent rhetoric, if only due to the fact that violent ACTION does occur. … Continue reading

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The horror of occupation

Please note- the following video contains footage of individuals being killed. This video is an example of the horrors of war. While I find the soldiers’ certitude of AK-47s and RPGs and their readiness to engage troubling, I would be … Continue reading

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